An Experiment

Last week I found an article I had saved from college entitled “How Will You Measure You’re Life?”. I don’t remember what it was about, nor have I made it past the first page. Nonetheless, just reading the title caused me to take a deep look into my life.

How will I measure my life?

I wrote to myself a couple years back that “when its all over, I will be happy if I:

1) had a life full of adventures and stories
2) Changed the world somehow
3) Spread joy and make a positive impact on others”

I told myself that if I spent each and every moment of my life doing, or preparing to do 1 of the above 3 commitments, that I would be happy.

But I have not been succeeding (as much as I want to, at least). I usually get engulfed with one of the above, and forget about the other two. For example, I will work 12 hour days on my company, and completley forget about friends and family, or adventures and travels.

Or, I will start traveling, but then feel really guilty that I am not working on my company.

And that will build up, and I will get so taken over by emotions that I will forget to spread joy and make a positive impact on others.

There is never a balance.

And in the end, all of the uncertainty from my company, all of these emails, all of the things I have to do, have made me feel that life is really controlling me, and I am not controlling my life.

20 years later, what do I think is going to happen? That I am just going to turn work mode off and turn relax mode on? As Jason Fried said, whatever habits you have now are the one’s you are going to have 30 years from now. When you look at people who said that they would work hard and then completely stop working and enjoy life later, it usually turns out that they are still working so hard after they retire. Its impossible to just switch it off.

And so I decided to do something about it; I am going to actually measure my life.

I decided for the next 30 days I am going to put a number on every hour of my life – and associate it to what actions I took those hours. At every hour, my phone or watch will prompt me to be conscious of how I am feeling. My hypothesis is that I will become much more aware of how my actions will affect my goals and emotions. I figure, that if dieters lose much more weight simply by keeping a journal of the food they eat, that I can start cracking down on all of the things I want to accomplish more efficiently because I will be more aware.

Hopefully this will provide some good insights I can share with everyone else out there!

#5 – Blogging.




Small Things I Learned Or Thought About On Our Off Day

  • Getting people to talk about their interests makes them like you much more (and makes them feel more connected with you) then telling them stories (no matter how interesting they are) about yourself or what you have done
  • The best thing to do each day is to wake up and set some goals that you want to accomplish today.  You can really stay on track and feel like you are accomplishing something when you know what you want to do each day before all of the distractions of the day start to make their way into your mind.
  • We are always taught, in entrepreneurship, to create a quick product and then iterate and learn fast (see Lean Startup).  Why don’t we do that with ourselves? We reflect and make quick changes to our product, but we hardly do it to ourselves.


Wow Boston. I love you…

A lot…

Today was our first full day in Boston. We went to Mike’s Pastries in the Italian area and I got my first ever Canoli. I have never eaten something that caused me to shut my eyes to enjoy the flavor, but wow, this definitely did.

In the morning Alistair, Rick, and I ran 13k around Boston. It was beautiful out, the sun bounced off the river and runners and cyclists were everywhere. We ran around the river, past MIT, Fenway Park, and Boston University and it really brought me back.


Alistair and Rick from our run today

When I was choosing a college back in highschool, I had a huge dilemma: Indiana University vs Boston University. It was essentially Business School vs The City of Boston. I loved Boston so much that I put in my deposit, bought BU sweatshirts, pants, shirts, and even a sticker that has still left its mark on my car even after I pulled it off.

Yet the last day possible for college decisions, I switched to IU for the business school. Running around BU today, but 4 years after the fact, really brought me back. I love Boston, it is my favorite city, and I wonder what my life would be like if I went there. However, I wouldn’t trade where I am right now for anything. I am so lucky to be where I am right now, and who knows if that would have happened at Boston.

Either way, I love it. I cannot wait to go to MIT for classes tomorrow. At MIT John Akula will teach us about Business Law.

Here is his Bio

John Akula: Senior Lecturer, Law

Then we get to meet Patrick FitzGerald who is from Wharton (Pennsylvania) Entrepreneurial Programs. I think we are going to be spending the day with some of the entrepreneurs from Wharton and I look forward to learning what their projects are.

Here is Patrick’s Bio

Patrick FitzGerald: Lecturer, Wharton

Thanks for reading today!